There are currently 1,337 Superfund toxic waste sites in the united states on the epa's national priorities list

Our Mission was formed in order to maintain transparency in the US Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund toxic waste site clean up program by developing advanced data mining tools, coupled with old fashioned pen to paper Freedom of Information Act activism. Our mission is to collect and freely distribute over half a billion pages of EPA Superfund records.
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What is the Superfund?

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Why Are We Here?

It’s estimated that only 2 -5% of the Superfund record is publicly available. For example, none of the records for the 175+ Superfund sites in New York and New Jersey are available on the US EPA website. Without public access to these records it’s impossible for US citizens to make effective decisions about their own health.

Whom Are We Seeking?

We are currently looking for Python developers to make micro time contributions towards improving our web scrapers. We are also seeking investigative journalists, internet security experts, and web developers. If you are interested in this project please contact us at

campaigns uses localized geotargeting to expose toxic waste , cancer clusters, and environmental corruption, in all 50 states.

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